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People's Shadows

Meet Our Team

At New Dimension Architecture, we are a team of passionate designers dedicated to redefining the industry norms and making a difference. Our diverse team brings a unique blend of creativity and expertise, allowing us to approach each project with fresh perspectives and innovative ideas.

Director / Principal Designer

0800 639 346 / 021 629 669

Mike Hansen

Vital Statistics:

Eye colour:                              Blue

Star sign:                                  Aquarius

Personality type:                Clearly not one to say no to a beer.

Redband size:                       10

Previous job:                          Baker

Qualfications:                        NZDAT, OPDAD, LBP, ADNZ Professional

Years in the game:             17

Hobbies:                                     Father of four



                                                            "Big time" sheep farmer (herd count: 9)


some stud

​Mike's journey in the construction industry began very early in life, all the way back to his first day of school where he declared to his parents that he did not need to go to school as he was just going to go and be a builder like his big brother. After not getting his way and having to undergo schooling an interest in technical drawing was soon developed and the rest is history.


That passion/spark for the job is still unaltered to this day.

And here we are...

ADNZ prof member logo
LBP logo

Mark Brock

Architectural Designer

0800 639 346

Vital Statistics:

Eye colour:                               Blue

Star sign:                                   Capricorn  

Personality type:                 Never skips desert

Redband size:                        10

Previous job:                           Truss Detailer

Qualfications:                         NZDAT, ADNZ intern

Years in the game:              1.5

Hobbies:                                      Gamer

                                                             Movie buff



Mark is a passionate architectural designer with a keen eye for detail and a commitment to innovative design solutions.


With 1.5 years of experience in architectural design, Mark is still new to the design field, but is excited to learn and continue gaining more experience. He is working towards becoming a licensed building practitioner and is currently an intern member of Architectural Designers New Zealand. 


Mark has a variety of experience across the construction industry ranging from estimator to truss detailing, which allows him to contribute fresh perspectives and creative insights.


In his spare time, he likes to hunt for sasquatches while tramping and also enjoys spending time with his family.

another stud
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